The Systematic Aviation English Proficiency Test (SAEPT) is a CAAM approved test system designed to assess the language competency of flight operations crew, as prescribed in ICAO Annex 1- Personnel Licensing. The objective of the test system is to ensure that all categories of pilots of the global spectrum can be accurately tested on their language proficiency for the purpose of licensing.

Yes, there is an available sample test online. The sample test will include samples of questions in relation to the Speaking and Listening sections of the test. The sample test shall be updated should there be any changes to the structures/format of the SAEPT Test System.
Refer Test Description & Sample Test .


The Listening component of the test uses the ‘scoring method’. There are 20 question prompts in this section of the test. The correct answer for each item represents one (1) mark. The overall mark is ‘converted’ to generate the final Listening score/proficiency level.  


To meet the ICAO’s requirements, language proficiency is rated based on the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Standards which delineates six (6) levels of language proficiency, as follows:
  1. ICAO Level 6 / Expert
  2. ICAO Level 5 / Extended
  3. ICAO Level 4 / Operational
  4. ICAO Level 3 / Pre-Operational
  5. ICAO Level 2 / Elementary
  6. ICAO Level 1 / Pre-Elementary
Similarly, SAEPT Speaking part is rated based on the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale. The ICAO rating scale is available for your viewing at https://www.caam.gov.my/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/ELP-descriptors.pdf In accordance to ICAO Document 9835, a test taker’s overall proficiency rating is determined by the lowest rating / score assigned in any of the language proficiency skills of the rating scale. The final rating is not the average or aggregate of the ratings / scores, but the lowest of these six ratings / scores.

Refer to our test calendar. You may also email or call us to enquire further.


Test takers must register for SAEPT at least 7 business days prior to the intended test date. Registration/booking of test slots can be done:

– via phone or email booking; or

– at the SAEPT test centre

For registration, the following documents are to be submitted:

    – a complete registration form
    – a copy of a valid Passport/National ID;
    – a copy of a valid pilot licence;
    – evidence of transition training (for ab initio pilots /flying academy/airline cadets only); and
    – 1 recent passport-size photograph
You are required to bring your passport or national ID into the test room. Writing instrument will be provided.
Note that the use of mobile phones and/or other electronic devices are strictly psrohibited when in the test room.
An appeal may be lodged if a test taker is dissatisfied with the SAEPT results. Test takers may request for the appeal form over the counter or via e-mail.

    The form must be fully completed and shall be submitted to SAT within five (5) business days following the release of results of the disputed test. An appeal fee will be incurred at the time of application; however, this fee will be fully refunded in the event of an upward amendment to the overall rating refer SAEPT Terms & Conditions.

    The results of appeal will be released to the test takers within seven (7) business days following the appeal.  
The release of results shall be made within five (5) business days following the day of the test for Standard Slot Testing, and one (1) business day for Priority Slot Testing.

The results shall be provided to the test takers via email. Please note that the emailed results serve only as a notification. The official results are formalised via the publication of the SAEPT test results certificate. The certificates can be collected at the test centre or couriered to your preferred address for a minimal courier fee. Refer SAEPT Terms and Conditions
Re-issuance of a test certificate is possible upon request. Requests may be made via e-mail or over the counter. Please take note that a minimal fee is applied for the re-issuance of the SAEPT certificate.
For pre-test verification purposes.
Yes, all tests will be audio recorded for rating, record and audit purposes.