Aviation-Related Talk

The screen remains deployed in this part.

In this part, test takers will listen to an audio recording containing information on a subject which revolves around aviation. Test takers are to listen, comprehend and answer ten (10) questions relating to the recording. Note that the audio recording for this part will only be played once. Answer the questions as you listen

Sample Audio Part 5:

Sample Questions 1-3 Choose the correct answer from 'A', 'B', 'C' or 'D'.

Question 1.

Which of the following has made air travel possible?
(A) Due to the way we manage our business.
(B) Due to the need to experience different cultures.
(C) Due to the way we lead our lives.
(D) Due to the improvements made to aviation safety.

Question 2.

What was the method of air navigation back in the 1940s?
(A) By plotting designated routes identified by landmarks.
(B) By determining the positions of stars and planets in the sky.
(C) By acquiring guidance from air traffic control centres.
(D) By communicating through constant radio transmissions.

Question 3.

Which of the following describes the technological advancement in the 1950s?
(A) Voice recognition system.
(B) Advanced communication equipment.
(C) Glass cockpit system.
(D) Computerised air traffic control system.

Sample Questions 4-6 Choose the correct answer(s) from 'A', 'B', 'C' or 'D'.

Question 4.

The following states the effects of air traffic growth. Which two (2) are mentioned by the speaker?
(A) The introduction of turboprop engines.
(B) The development of charter flight.
(C) The establishment of aircraft maintenance training schools.
(D) The expansion of fleets.

Question 5.

When was the glass cockpit first introduced?
(A) In the 1940s.
(B) In the 1950s.
(C) In the 1960s.
(D) In the 1980s.

Question 6.

Which of the following states the improvements made through computer technology advances?
i. Communication systems.
ii. Autopilot systems.
iii. Navigation systems.
iv. Training simulators.

(A) i, ii & iii
(B) i, iii & iv
(C) ii, iii & iv
(D) All of the above

Sample Questions 7-10
Complete the notes below based on the information given in the talk. Write your answers in the answer columns 7-10.

Question 7.
Fly-by-wire technology with flight envelope protection prevents [      ] aircraft manoeuvres.
Question 8.
Focus on Human Factors brought about [      ] [      ] [      ] training requirement.  
Question 9.
In recent years, satellite-based navigation has allowed for the further increase of [ ] .  
Question 10.
Safety in aviation will continue to progress and become even more [      ] in the future.